Bejo's clients and business relations will find inspiration and can acquire knowledge about vegetable crops and varieties during the Open Days to be held from Tuesday 26th September, up to and including Saturday 30th September 2017. Growers and partners are most welcome to come and explore Bejo's activities in the area of breeding, seed processing, research and more.

Continuously innovative in its assortment

The demo fields will offer visitors a wide range of new varieties. In addition to varieties from Bejo's conventional assortment, Bejo offers increasingly more varieties for organic cultivation. In its lettuce assortment it will display a few beautiful newcomers, plus developments in the organic domain. The Fruit Crop Tunnel will display a varied assortment ranging from tomatoes and peppers to gherkins and courgettes. There will also be a focus on Bejo's own apiary and bees, as key pollinators of Bejo's crops, at the same location. Naturally, you can also find Bejo's more familiar crops, such as cabbage, carrot and onion at the Open Days site.

Impression of new development

During the Open Days you can register for the Seed Quality Tour and the Research Centre Tour. From now until 2019, Bejo will be constructing a new warehouse and a new laboratory. During the tour, visitors will be given an impression of these expansions.

Bejo's innovations

New introductions, such as the 'Boga' onion set, the 'Prairie' parsley and the 'Report' white cabbage will be given special attention in the demonstration fields. The product pavilion will provide information on the B-Mox®, Bejo's latest innovation in seed enrichment. Oliver F1 is Bejo's first True Potato Seed (TPS) variety, and this new potato hybrid can be cultivated directly from botanic seed. Through means of plant cultivation, table potatoes can be produced in a single season. In addition to Bejo's well-known innovative concepts like the ‘Delicioni’ fresh onion concept and the ‘Coolwrap®’ cabbage concept, visitors will explore new applications for the kohlrabi plant. Representatives are happy to assist you.

Growers and partners are most welcome to come and explore Bejo's activities in the area of breeding, seed processing, research and more.

Bejo Taste, Health & Innovation 2017 – Carrot Symposium

If you are interested in an update about carrot-related innovations and developments, visit us on Thursday, 28 September at the Taste, Health & Innovation 2017 - Carrot Symposium. Various breeding aspects and insights into how to market carrots with added value will be discussed. Participation is subject to application, so please contact your Bejo representative to register. For Eastern Europe and Asia, please visit our symposium information 27-09 and for Western Europe and America's please visit our symposium information 28-09, for additional information.

Special attention will also be devoted to the carrot through means of a carrot taste test. Not only does the origin of the carrot greatly influence taste, but so do the number of sun hours and the type of soil in which the carrot is cultivated. Bejo looks forward to having visitors taste the differences. Advanced modern machinery and various demonstrations will be on view at the mechanisation exhibition.

Bejo Experience App

Download the Bejo Experience App for an interactive experience during the Open Days. The app will provide location-specific information during your Bejo exploration journey. The Bejo Experience App is available for both Android and iOS, and can be downloaded free of charge through leading app stores and our website. You can follow all communication relating to activities and novelties during our Open Days via social media channels using #BZOD17.

We will be welcoming our business relations to our Open Days from Tuesday 26th September to Friday 29th September, inclusive, from 09:00 to 17:00, and general interested parties on Saturday 30th September from 09:00 to 16:00. The Open Days will be held at Trambaan 2, Warmenhuizen, the Netherlands.


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