Vegetable breeder Bejo will again attend the Biofach from 14th until 17th February 2018 and is further underlining its commitment to the organic sector. Bejo will participate at the Nordrhein-Westfalen stand at Hall 7- Booth 358. On Thursday 15th February Bejo holds a mini symposium about Breeding for organic, which emphasis the use of organic seed and explains the benefits of our way of ‘Breeding for organic’. During this symposium Jan Groen (Green Organics) and Martin Koller (FIBL)  will give their opinion about Breeding for organic as well. We invite visitors to join this symposium and the discussion afterwards.

Bejo Symposium: Breeding for organic

Bejo is of the opinion that modern hybrids with a high degree of uniformity do fit very well in modern organic farm systems. Breeding for organic is a way of selecting suitable crosses, selections or existing varieties at the earliest stage possible to fit the organic seed program. Hybrid crosses are tested under organic conditions in the target sales areas and are selected directly from the initial breeders conventional trial field. This way the Bejo organic program has maximum choice of genetic material potentially suited for a specific organic area or market and can realize the desired variety traits much faster and with more precision than breeders using only open pollinated varieties. Bejo continuously works on the development of a complete organic assortment and offers organic seed for 40 crops and over 150 varieties. This way Bejo leads the way and shows that closing the organic chain by using organic seed only, is possible. 

Bejo presents: Breeding for Organic

•    Venue:        Biofach 2018, Nürnberg, Germany
•    Location:    Room Munich 2
•    Date:           Thursday 15th February 14.00-15.30hrs.

Organic - right from the start

Expanding organic assortment

In the past two years the Bejo organic assortment has grown. This tremendous increase is a direct reflection of the growth of the organic sector and shows the great effort that Bejo is putting into its organic program. The Bejo organic strategy is to keep a “smart assortment”, which is an assortment that is triggered by customer demand, covering the widest range possible with a strategic choice of varieties. 

The success of this approach is proven by the continuous introduction of new organic varieties. For instance, coming season Bejo will have two new cauliflowers Bermeo and Liria. Also a new kohlrabi variety Konan is coming through, and more red-beet varieties. We also added a new crop to our organic assortment, lettuce. We will have 6 lettuce varieties available, to be introduced this spring, including 2 Iceberg, 2 Batavia and 2 Butter head types. 

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