This year during the Fruit Logistica Trade Fair, Bejo will be presenting its latest innovation, the B-MOX seed enhancing formula. Special attention will be devoted to our innovative vegetable concepts and purple crops, which demonstrate their 'Purple Power'. In addition, we will be putting organic in the limelight with 'Organic – RIGHT from the START'. We will also be focusing on our excellent lettuce and radicchio assortment.


To give plants a stronger start, research teams at Bejo have developed the innovative B-Mox seed enhancing formula. Based on new technology B-Mox enhances the power of the seed, stimulating its growth in the earliest stage and improving the vigour of the plant. During the entire growth period plants demonstrate an improved stress tolerance and better overall health as a result of a more fully developed root system. This provides the grower with the following benefits: reduced risk during the initial vulnerable weeks of the growth period, healthier plant and foliage, improved yields and pack-out of up to 15%.

Purple Power

Purple varieties are not only characterised by their beautiful colour but also the high concentration of nutrients they contain produce important health effects. Varieties such as the purple sprouting broccoli BE 3047, a variety with an almost ten times greater value of vitamins and antioxidants than traditional broccoli, the red beet Manzu and the Purple Sun carrot will be presented.


Bejo has brought a full range of new resistant varieties to market. Almost all our current lettuce varieties are resistant to Bremia BL:16-33EU. However, we will also be presenting two new members in the iceberg lettuce segment. Gerhard Voelkel, Bejo’s Lettuce Crop Manager, is enthusiastic about varieties Bejo 24-094 and Bejo 22-083. The former variety is the first ever developed for winter harvest in the Mediterranean climate. Bejo 22-083 is our first iceberg lettuce variety with Fusarium resistance. Its large spherical shape makes this iceberg lettuce perfect for the processing and fresh market.


Bejo sees the trade fair as a platform for meeting partners within the chain, whereby we inspire each other to develop new applications for crop cultivation, processing and consumption. Other concepts that Bejo is bringing to the visitors’ attention are the Delicioni fresh onion, Kohrispy kohlrabi sticks, Coolwrap and the Cool Carrot Candy (snack carrot). These concepts perfectly respond to current food trends. Within the Taste-Health-Convenience theme, Bejo develops tasty varieties such as Konan (kohlrabi), Balada (celery) or Adana (carrot), which lend themselves perfectly for raw applications and ready-to-eat products.

Organic – RIGHT from the START

Bejo leads the way in organic varieties. Therefore, during the Fruit Logistica, Bejo is inviting interested visitors for an organic lunch. Our representatives will share the latest marketing information with you and present new varieties in the organic assortment.