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”Explore bejo’s qualities” during the Open Days

Bejo is hosting its annual Open House Days from Tuesday 27th September up to and including Saturday 1st October, allowing visitors to explore the qualities of their product range. Growers from all areas will be able to familiarise themselves with Bejo’s vegetable crops and varieties, which are grown worldwide.

In the demo fields, visitors can explore the qualities of both new and existing varieties. In the main pavilion, Bejo will showcase its innovative concepts which include the fresh onion concept ‘Delicioni’, the cabbage concept ‘Coolwrap’ and the tasty kohlrabi based ‘Kohrispy’.

Also on show will be a varied assortment of tomatoes, peppers and gherkins in the Fruit Crop Tunnel. Visitors can view the latest lettuce varieties to gain a fresh look at lettuce, and innovative machinery will be on display and demonstrated at the mechanisation exhibition. The high standards that Bejo sets for its seeds will be evident when touring the Seed Technology Laboratory and the Seed Cleaning and Processing facilities.

On Thursday 29th September, Bejo will be organising the Taste, Health & Innovation 2016 – Red Beet and Celeriac symposium. This will be a unique opportunity for both growers and chain partners to increase their knowledge and engage in some networking. Participation is subject to application, so please contact your Bejo representative to apply.


The Open Days will take place from Tuesday 27th September through to Saturday 1st October daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Saturday until 4 p.m.) at Trambaan 2 in Warmenhuizen, The Netherlands.


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