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August 29th and 30th

Bejo is an international producer of vegetable seeds. Honey bees are perhaps our most important employees. We keep our own bees and are internationally active in bee breeding and research. Alongside better vegetable varieties, we also work to improve bee colonies.

Bejo Seeds Open House and Demonstration Trials 2016

Bejo is hosting its annual Open House Days from Tuesday 27th September up to and including Saturday 1st October, allowing visitors to explore the qualities of their product range. Growers from all areas will be able to familiarise themselves with Bejo’s vegetable crops and varieties, which are grown worldwide.

On Thursday 24th September Bejo hosted more than 220 growers, suppliers and industry experts at its headquarters at Warmenhuizen in The Netherlands for its Brassica Symposium 2015.

Oceano, CA. Bejo Seeds has pledged to serve and eat more fresh produce at company and industry events to demonstrate leadership in the effort to boost fruit and vegetable consumption. By joining the Eating by Example initiative from the Produce Marketing Association, Bejo Seeds expects to raise employee and industry awareness of the need to increase produce consumption.

Last week the annual Open Days attracted a stream of international visitors. Bejo presented its varieties to the world. ‘Peace and quiet’ has returned to Bejo’s premises in Warmenhuizen.

Bejo is hosting its annual Open Days from Tuesday, 22 September up to and including Saturday, 26 September 2015. Customers and business relations from all corners visit Bejo to view its vegetable crops and varieties, which are grown throughout the world, in its demonstration fields. Various activities will be organised daily from 09:00 to 17:00 (Saturday until 16:00) at the Trambaan 2 in Warmenhuizen in The Netherlands.

Bejo Seeds Open House and Demonstration Trials 2015

From Tuesday, 22 September to Saturday, 26 September, you can travel around the world on a few hectares. During the annual Open Days, Bejo welcomes international growers to come and see the Bejo vegetable crops and varieties grown all over the world, on its demonstration fields.

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